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Krakli (Ian Webster) has been creating VST instruments and effects since the early 2000s, using a development environment called Synthedit.
Previously these plugins were limited to 32bit Windows only but recently a small number of 64bit plugins that also support the Apple Mac OS have been developed.
Krakli is essentially a one man band: Ian Webster, but others offer invaluable help with patches for the synths and sometimes creation of the GUIs
There is also a Krakli Facebook Group, (links can be found on the contacts page) which is a healthy forum with constant new content from the 8,000+ members or from Krakli themselves

Ouside of Plugin production Ian has long been involved with electronic music creation. He describes himself as a technician rather than a musician, from early days with hand built noise makers and simple reel to reel tape recorders Ian has always battled on despite limited talent and no musical training.
Examples of Ian's efforts can be found on his Soundcloud page. some of these efforts were created to demonstrate various Krakli plugins, so you will find covers, typically created from MIDI files from the internet, using Krakli plugs in their entirety, elsewhere there are some remixes but more recently Ian has rekindled his love for hardware synths and the more recent efforts reflect this.  

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